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Behind The Masquerade

by Greyline

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Raging fires of the lands, storming waters on the shores of the world. / Pounding heart of the men, that is still beating ‘till the last one stands alone. / To see that we are reminded but we are too blinded to see, as the earth drowns in our misery. / We are divided but we are too blinded to see, as the earth drowns in our own misery. / Trembling mountains fill the sky, thundering clouds casting shadows over you. / No man hears the mournful cry that drowns the earth that doesn’t belong to you. / As the world slowly dies, no men hears that mournful cry, as the world slowly dies.
Yellow stones beneath the grains of time, sand is running through the spine. / Through our eyes, we see the dawning of a new sunrise while we are waiting just to die. / These waiting times again, we will never be the same. / We‘ll wash this pain away, let us see a brighter day. / Stepping through, leaving footsteps in the sand, looking back at this wasted land. / Stepping through where we march into quicksand, sinking in our tombs again. / When the walls are closing in, the endless march to home begins, the hourglass is falling. / When the walls are closing in we hold our breath, the air is thin. / Do you have got the strength to live again?
One piece that’s never enough, one lie that’s always corrupt, one war can never be stopped by another. / So see, and feel that deep within, your lies seem so surreal. / Two minds that never agree, two words that always collapse, two hearts that never belong, to each other. / You lie and you hope to feel, another part of me. / You die and you hope to see, another side of me. / One lie to yourself, one lie to ourselves. / At war with yourself, at war with ourselves. / This is your moment, will you stand on this side? / This is your moment, will you stand on your side?
We’ve done it again and we’ve done it good. / We are feasting our eyes just like you know we would. / We are searching for something, something to see. / Oh, but the glitters are blinding me. / We are only diamonds, when living in our dreams. / But we are all so sleepless so it seems. / Your drowning in sweat and your drowning in tears. / That black heart of yours fulfilling all your fears. / The panic starts and the pain begins. / A black heart that’s surrounded by sins, that is founded on sins. / We are only diamonds, when living in our dreams. / But we are all so sleepless so it seems. / Now we all live in darkness, we all live in fear. / We are only diamonds in our dreams. / Black hearts, that binds us now, black hearts.
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Riget 04:47
Pounding heartbeats in our heads, burning tears upon our flesh, breathing lies until our deaths.
Ravens Ahead 02:05
We are but flesh, skin over bones. / We have our souls to pass on when darkness comes. / It’s time to go my friend, it has been fun. / Don’t be afraid… / It’s getting cold, Death is coming close. / He lays a finger on you, like on the day you were born. / It’s time to go my friend, it has been fun. / Don’t be afraid… / Black wings of ravens are passing by, lead us through the darkness where the sun doesn’t shine.
We strain ourselves to hold us off, just to drag us all the way, with our eyes facing the ground. / The chain is on, restricting us, just to leash our freedom now and to bury our thoughts. / As we squeal, we crawl down and we’ll bow for you. / As we squeal, we crawl down and we’ll bow for ourselves. / We are burning, we are screaming hard, we all laugh in the end as we are left behind. / As we take the knife out of our chest tonight, and by the time we smile we bleed to death. / As we die in vein, we’ve done our best, to pass this knowledge on to the next. / As we bleed, we see what we have done today and as we bleed we hear our children’s voices fading away.
Mirrors 11:14
We were running free and we were running fast. / But at the end of time we will run alone again. / We will see ourselves again, ‘cause at the end of time we will meet my friend. / And in this mirror, we will drown again to take that moment back in our hands. / Time is running out and we are getting old / But in our final days we can reach each others’ heart. / And as our worlds are splitting apart, deeper into the darker day… Won’t you come back my friend?


Last year Greyline took their time to write and record nine dark, heavy and intensive songs. On their new album, entitled Behind The Masquerade, you can hear a fine mix between bands like Mastodon, Baroness, Poison The Well and Neurosis. Heavy, powerful and brutal. Some songs more edging towards catchy rock and stoner while other songs are slow, heavy and filled with heavy riffs.

The mixing of Behind The Masquerade was done by Philip Cope. He is also responsible for the production of Red Album (Relapse 2009) by the rock/metal band Baroness, and is producer and guitarist/vocalist for the stoner/sludge-formation Kylesa. Scott Hull (Visceral Sound) did the powerful mastering. Hull is guitarist/producer for Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Pig Destroyer, and produced/mastered numerous releases for cult metal-label Relapse Records.


released February 19, 2010

Greyline is:
Jabe Piter Faber
Jurjan Scheper
Job Tichelman
Wieger Jan Scheper

Produced by: Greyline & Arno Krabman
Mixed by: Phillip Cope, Jay Matheson & Steve Slavich
Mastered by: Scott Hull
Published by: Black Death Records


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Greyline Groningen

GREYLINE is no more, after 10 years of solid rock we decided it's time for new challenges. Feel free to download our stuff, it's there for the taking. If you are interested in buying some vinyl, please contact www.blackdeathrecords.com.

Peace out!
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